Los Angeles-based designer Barbara Lesser knows her customer well—the active woman who wants her fashion to be of the moment but easy and comfortable at the same time. All of Lesser’s clothing lines, from her signature Barbara Lesser brand to the sportswear group FIBERS by Barbara Lesser, her trailblazing collections of dresses, and her updated sportswear company Felicity, have exuded a casual yet elegant California vibe that has attracted a devoted following across the country.

After earning her BFA in Fashion Design from New York’s Pratt Institute, and gaining notable experience designing for Esprit at the height of the company’s growth, this innovative entrepreneur decided to build her own brand. Working in close partnership with husband Mark, who runs the business end, Lesser learned from experience that to thrive in this challenging industry, a company must adapt to market changes and evolve along with its clientele.

As their business has evolved so have Barbara and Mark’s life directions. In the process of pursuing their personal goals and finding the time to enjoy the fruits of their labor, they have suspended their branded collections. They now work on private label programs for larger customers.